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The Town of Portland


New York has an area of approximately 28 square miles. Its northern boundary edges beautiful Lake Erie. Two miles back is a clay-loam area stretching back for another mile is a rich gravel soil. The surface then rises to a hilly ridge forming the beautiful Chautauqua Hills a part of the great water shed which forms the continental divide for our county, elevation 1800 feet. 

The Portland Town Hall is located on 87 West Main Street, Brocton, New York, Route 20 in Chautauqua County. Coming from the west get off exit 60 on interstate 90. From the east us exit 59.


Town of Portland Real Property Data Collection to Start.......... for more details look on the (Assessor Office) link on the right.




The Darren Manzella-Lapeira Memorial Run Events will take place at the Brocton American Legion Post 434 in Brocton New York on August 2, 2014. For more Details go to the link for the website below: www.manzella-lapeira-memorialrun.com.

Darren Manzella-Lapeira Memorial Run





The Town Clerk Phone: 716 792 9614

The Fax number: 716 792 9610

E-mail: townclerk@town.portland.ny.us or townclerk@townofportland.org


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